<strong>Bringing Neuroscience and Digital Chemistry to Valentine </strong>

Inclusiveness, empathy, and chemistry are important to build trust and connection between both people, teams and countries. 

Today Valentine is celebrated for both friendship and romantic relationships in both private and business settings, sometimes with thoughtful messages and gifts. Valentine celebration is originating from a roman martyr priest bringing soldiers into marriage before Christianity was accepted and therefore later executed. Before leaving this world, he signed a letter to his loved one with the signature, from your Valentine

To establish and increase inclusiveness and empathy, there are several neuroscience ideas that can be applied to help build chemistry, with board members & leadership teams, colleagues, family, friends and loved ones.

Some neuroscience approaches stimulate synchrony that increase empathy and a shared mindset, with a greater understanding and appreciation for each other.  Wharton Professor Michael Platt has researched and identified actions that increase a shared mindset and empathy, and we can all practice them as they include 

  • Ensure eye contact – eye contact activates the mirror neuron system, helps us understand the actions and intentions of others and increases synchrony.  
  • Shared Purpose – identify common purpose of the team, partners or just of the activity.
  • Deeper Conversations – encourage discussions that goes one level deeper, to help understand each other. Some examples of good conversations questions can be found below *1).
  • More time together – trust and affection increase with time. 
  • Personal gratitude – reflecting on your own gratitude every day is a great habit and sharing your appreciation for your team or partner increases synchrony on both sides.
  • Listen to Music – music increase oxytocin levels, impacting mood, motivation, and synchrony. Here you find a mixed playlist for your inspiration at Spotify “Lovely Synchrony
  • Find and leverage chemistry creators – some people just have it – get them into a team setting and the full team flourishes. Or how can you be one?

Find more insights on Neuroscience from Professor Platt in this article via World Economic Forum article  

To celebrate this Valentine – find the new Visual Digital Art Exhibition:
Lovely Synchrony”.

What a beautiful scene to see 
The colors of the earth, so free 
From the green of the trees to the blue of the skies 
It’s a sight that truly makes one’s heart rise
The birds that sing and the flowers that bloom
Nature’s gifts, all in one room 
From the rustling leaves to the rolling waves 
It’s a symphony of life that nature gave
The world is full of love and peace
It’s a feeling that will never cease 
From the mountains to the oceans wide 
It’s a home for all, where everyone can reside
So let’s take a moment to appreciate
The wonders of this world, so great 
For in this life, there is so much to see 
What a wonderful world, for you and me!

– A poem inspired by the lyrics of “What a wonderful world” (and co-created with Open AI algorithms.)

Examples of good conversations questions (suggested by ChatGPT and slightly adjusted)

  1. “What is something that you are currently working on improving about yourself?”
  2. “What is a difficult experience that you have been through and what did you learn from it?”
  3. “What are your long-term goals and aspirations in life?”
  4. “What values are most important to you and how do they guide your decisions?”
  5. “What are one thing that you are proud of in your life so far?”
  6. “What is a personal challenge that you are currently facing and how are you working to address it?”
  7. “What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses, and how do you use them to your advantage?”
  8. “What is something that you have learned about yourself in the past year?”
  9. “What do you believe is the key to maintaining positive relationships with others?”


This blog post was originally shared at the blog of Digoshen   www.digoshen.com,  and the blog of the Digoshen founder and Chair of Boards Impact Forum www.liselotteengstam.com, alias Novisali .