December 10 is the Nobel Prize day, and this week it’s the Nobel week.  We congratulate all innovative winners!

(Alfred Nobel as AI art by Liselotte Engstam) 

Alfred Nobel created the Nobel prize to encourage and celebrate innovation.

This 17 min video shares exciting insights about Alfred Nobel, his will and the Nobel Foundation

An area which is continously making inventions go exponential is Artificial Intelligence. It makes vehicles become self-driving and health issues discovered and treated in new genius ways. And now expanding the field of art.

”History suggests that new tools tend to expand rather than contract the definition of art, and to make it accessible to new types of artists.”

A recent article by one of the most impressive Silicon Valley investors, Andressen & Horrowitz, is now picking up on the debate about Art.

AI is now increasingly used to create art in new ways.  ”Generative AI is strictly a positive tool for extending the reach of software – games will be more beautiful, marketing more compelling, written content more engaging, movies more inspiring.”

And art will continue to expand to new areas.

The current exhibition at Museum of Modern Art in New York presents the pioneering AI artist Refik Anadol, who says ”Right now we are in a renessance”, (scroll down in the articke and see the amazing moving art!)

The Digoshen Founder, a professional board member and chair, including for an acclaimed art destination, a researcher and advisor, is also a curious exploring artsy techie, and has also made some expeditions.

She used her watercolor paintings and regenerating with AI to new digital art creations, and in these series inspired by Alfred Nobel;

– together with inspiring historical artifacts as Alfred Nobels will, and reproduced into useful products

– together with inspiring poetry sentences by Alfred Nobel into new digital art

– together with historical latin names recreated a series of fantasy spieces, see them taking a walk in the new virtual art exhibition gallery

How do you get creative and how are you getting inspired for innovation?


This blog post was originally shared at the blog of Digoshen,  and the blog of the Digoshen founder and Chair of Boards Impact Forum, alias Novisali .