Exploring Twilight

Exploring Twilight

Art in transformation

The world of art is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible. 

From traditional paintings to digital installations, digital and media progress has become a driving force behind this transformation. Artists are no longer limited by their chosen mediums or techniques – instead, they are embracing new technologies and exploring unconventional materials to create works that challenge our perceptions and ignite our imaginations. 

Whether it’s through mixed media sculptures or interactive virtual reality experiences, artists are finding innovative ways to express themselves and connect with audiences around the globe. As we continue down this path of digital and artistic evolution, there’s no telling where it will take us next – but one thing is certain: the future is bright for those who embrace change and push beyond their creative limits.

Art is increasingly continue to expand its boundaries into new areas as Street Art, Body Art, Sculpting in New medium, Design Art in Gaming and Marketing, Digital Immersive Experiences, Food Art Experiences and more. 

Purpose of Art

At the latest World Economic Forum at Davos we found Refik Anadol, a world renowned media and AI artist, sharing his experiences with the world leaders, and using the platform  to put the light on the worlds Coral Reefs challenged by Climate Change.  

Stockholm as an Art Destination 

Stockholm Art Week is an event that celebrates the Nordic vibrant art community, bringing together its leading art fairs and iconic museums, institutions, and art spaces for a week-long program of special events, exhibitions and pop-ups. The aim is to raise awareness of visual arts nationwide and putting Sweden on the map as an artistic destination, and Stockholm as an amazing capital of art. 

Stockholm is vibrant with events found in the Stockholm Artweek Calendar , including Art Fair’s as Market Art Fair at Liljevalchs and Supermarket Art Fair at Stadsgårdsterminalen.

Artipelag is worthy of a special mention as an international art destination. Artipelag is situated in Stockholm Archipelago, celebrates arts and nature, and includes both a sculpture park (including a modern digital audio guide with reflections) and an exciting exhibition about 100 years of Nordic Art At Arm’s Length from the Tangen Collection and shares the linkage between Nordic artists and artists as Matisse and Legere. Go explore Artipelag!

Twilight Steward 

Inspired by exploring digital boundaries and the challenge and opportunities in sustainability, now during artweek we are happy to announce the opening of the new exhibition by Novisali (alias Liselotte Engstam) – Twilight Steward.

Twilight Steward, a virtual exhibition at a crucial time in human history inspiring us to act for a more sustainable world. The twilight dimension represents a liminal space between day and night, light and darkness, and hope and despair. The sustainability dimension is based on the United Nations seventeen interconnected sustainability goals, which represent a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Welcome to make a quick peek into the exhibition to the left. 

Then welcome to visit, explore and walk around at the exhibition, you find it here > Twilight Steward

Which of the artworks inspires you most, and which area could you consider to be a steward of? 

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This blog post was originally shared at the blog of the Digoshen & Boards Impact Forum Chair and founder www.liselotteengstam.com, with the artist name Novisali.

Novisali, (alias Liselotte Engstam), is besides her roles as professional board member and advisor, a multi-media artist, with a curious, explorative mind and an ambition to learn and extend art experiences to current and new audiences using both traditional and new digital mediums. More information and exhibitions can be found via Novisali.com