Tomorrow’s Sentinels

Tomorrow’s Sentinels

As leaders we need to explore trends for the future and help visualize and create a vision and make the world a better place. The INSEAD Knowledge article What 2023 Taught Us: The Rules Are Always Changing reflects on the pivotal events and developments of 2023, including wars, disasters, recession fears, tech layoffs, and the rise of AI, particularly large language models like ChatGPT. It highlights the importance on navigating these changes and plotting a positive path forward for business and society. Key topics include the impact of AI on business and education, the evolution of the workplace, the need for agility and adaptability in organizations, the importance of effective leadership, and proactive business actions to address global challenges like climate change.

The year 2023 has been marked by significant developments, from the rapid growth of generative AI technology to economic uncertainties and an escalating climate crisis. Amidst these changes and challenges, the World Economic Forum shared a WEF article about the year gone by and insights to get ready for 2024, serving as a guide to understanding the current global landscape and anticipating future trends.

Our own thoughts recognises how businesses are increasingly integrating sustainable practices and considering human aspects in their technological advancements, reflecting a broader trend towards ethical and responsible business conduct and summarised in blogpost The year of Tech, Sustainability and Increasingly human-centric business . We also updated our reference blogpost that is supporting leaders and board members in transforming businesses, boards and their individual leadership catering for the new world: Design the future with an impactful 2024 Map. 

We are also inspired by the new chair of the Nobel foundation, Astrid Söderbergh Wedding, as she shared at the Nobel ceremonies the important message set out for the Nobel Prize by Alfred Nobel, where he believed in the unique power of science, literature and actions of peace to contribute to the world for the benefit of humanity, and where international collaboration and respect for knowledge is foundational (read about the inspirational message here) .

Finally the outlook of future requires both reflection on trends, but also an understanding that it is this eternal yearning to know the world as it really is that lies at the heart of both our science and spirituality — a yearning with an infinite vector that points just beyond our knowledge horizon, rooted always in the most elemental nature of mankind: curiosity, restlessness, and the desire to transcend ourselves. The Poetic Professor and Physicist Alan Lightman released a book 2023 named The Transcendent Brain: Spirituality for the Science-Spirited, which inspires us to understand that the atomic constellations in our material world are also capable of exultant spiritual experiences. 

“I have feelings of being part of things larger than myself. I have a sense of connection to other people and to the world of living things, even to the stars. I have a sense of beauty. I have experiences of awe. And I’ve had transporting creative moments.” – Alan Lightman

Announcing Virtual Art Exhibition Tomorrow’s Sentinels

Inspired by the historic inflection point, as outline above and the dissolving digital boundaries, we are happy to announce the opening of the new virtual art exhibition by Novisali (alias Liselotte Engstam) – Tomorrow’s Sentinels

“Tomorrow’s Sentinels: Visions of Stewardship and Inspiration for the Future,” is an art exhibition that offers a unique blend of art, foresight, creativity, and responsibility. This exhibition serves as a journey through time, understanding, and imagination, presenting a collection of artworks that spark conversations about our past, present, and future.

The gallery is filled with pieces that are not just visual displays but windows into potential futures, crafted with hope, caution, and dreams. These artworks stimulate thoughts about the role of individual and collective action in shaping our world, highlighting the power of human creativity and innovation. The exhibition celebrates interdisciplinary approaches, merging science, technology, and humanities to address contemporary challenges.

“Tomorrow’s Sentinels” showcases global and local perspectives, emphasizing our extended responsibilities. It’s an invitation to become a guardian of the future, to be inspired, challenged, and motivated to contribute positively to our shared world.

The exhibitions artworks are created out of a variety of mediums, such as watercolor paintings, AI-generated artwork, digital drawings, and digital art tools. Novisali has also composed music supported by AI to enhance the experience, along with a poem that captures the exhibition’s tone.

Visit “Tomorrow’s Sentinels” to embark on a journey of inspiration, reflection, and responsibility, and explore how art can influence our vision of the future.

Guide for Personal Reflection

The exhibition offers a guide for personal reflection using the artworks in the exhibition. This reflective process involves describing the artwork, exploring the emotions and thoughts it evokes, identifying symbolic or metaphorical aspects, and relating them to personal experiences, insights and ambitions for the future. The guide encourages exploring hidden details in the artwork, challenging perspectives, embodying the painting’s energy, and identifying a guiding theme or value word. It also suggests finding a guide, mentor or coach to support your journey. You find the guide inside the virtual exhibition “Tomorrow’s Sentinels“.

Tomorrow’s Sentinels Poem
This poem takes you through the halls of tomorrow, highlighting the guardians of light and hope. It speaks of wisdom, rebirth, and the crafting of a bold future, urging us to look at the world through artists’ eyes and find truth in their visions.

In the halls of tomorrow, where dreams take flight,
Among the sentinels standing, guardians of light,
Their colors whisper of futures bright and clear,
A canvas of hope, where no shadow draws near.

Through corridors of time, their stories unfold,
Echoing wisdom from days of old,
Their brushstrokes speak of a world reborn,
In each line, a promise, a new dawn sworn.

In the heart of the gallery, where visions collide,
Artists and dreamers stand side by side,
Crafting a future with hands so bold,
In a dance of colors, stories untold.

A tapestry of thoughts, woven with care,
Urging us forward, daring to dare,
Each piece a beacon in night’s dark sea,
Guiding us to where we’re meant to be.

So walk these halls with open eyes,
See the world through artists’ guise,
For in their visions, truth rings free,
Tomorrow’s sentinels, for all to see.

Recommended Reading

For those interested in diving deeper, a selection of books is recommended, covering topics from future thinking and competitive strategy to personal growth and historical fiction.

What We Owe the Future” by William MacAskill, Oxford
The World I See” by Fei-fei Li and colleagues, Stanford
Myprism” by Rolf Pfeifer and colleagues, Institute of Coaching
The Upside of Uncertainty” by Nathan and Susanna Furr, INSEAD
Profit and Purpose” by George Serfeim, Harvard
The Full Spectrum Thinking” by Bob Johansen, IFTF
The Future of Competitive Strategy” by Mohan Subramaniam, IMD
AI Leadership for Boards” by Teigland, Torre and Engstam, Chalmers et al
The Transcendent Brain: Spirituality for the Science-Spirited” by Alan Lightman, MIT

Times of Turmoil” by Anna Belfrage (historical fiction)
The Way Forward” by Yung Pueblo (poetry)

Liselotte’s recommended-23-24 book montage

The Way Forward
Myprism: Override Your Autopilot, Choose Mindful Leadership
The Worlds I See: Curiosity, Exploration, and Discovery at the Dawn of AI
Times of Turmoil
The Transcendent Brain: Spirituality in the Age of Science
The Future of Competitive Strategy: Unleashing the Power of Data and Digital Ecosystems
What We Owe the Future
AI Leadership for Boards: The Future of Corporate Governance
Full-Spectrum Thinking: How to Escape Boxes in a Post-Categorical Future
The Upside of Uncertainty: A Guide to Finding Possibility in the Unknown
Purpose and Profit: How Business Can Lift Up the World

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Prepare for 2024

Guiding insights will be shared in the Board Programs, all recently updated, with Generative AI impacts included

Boards Oversight of Sustainability for Value Creation, starting January 9

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This blog post was originally shared at the blog of the Digoshen & Boards Impact Forum Chair and founder, with the artist name Novisali.

Novisali, (alias Liselotte Engstam), is besides her roles as professional board member and advisor, a multi-media artist, with a curious, explorative mind and an ambition to learn and extend art experiences to current and new audiences using both traditional and new digital mediums. More information and exhibitions can be found via Edit