Inspired by Edith Södergran

Discover Novisali’s Art Work inspired by Alfred Nobel and his Poetry.

Edith Södergran’s Poetry inspired Novisali.
More about the poet Edith Södergran

The Moon speaks to me in Silver Runes  

My Soul was a light blue dress, I left it on a rock by the sea

Of all our sunny world, I wish only for a garden sofa

Novisali’s art revitalizes your space, embodying life’s vibrancy through reflective beauty.

Discover the Fusion of Tradition and Innovation in Novisali’s Art

Wander through Novisali’s enchanting gallery, where an amalgamation of traditional grace and digital boldness awaits. Engage with art that challenges perceptions and sparks a dialogue with the soul. Be part of a transformative journey that melds the timeless with the contemporary.