The Lifeforce of Society

Water is the cornerstone of societal sustainability. This vital resource not only sustains life but also supports the economies of civilizations around the globe. From agriculture that feeds billions to industries that drive economies, water’s role is irreplaceable. 

At a TED Talk, environmentalist Lana Mazahreh discusses “3 Thoughtful Ways to Conserve Water,” where she shares from her experiences in water-scarce Jordan, highlighting effective, community-driven solutions that could be applied globally.

Jackie Savitz, a marine biologist, shares how fixing the world’s oceans might just help to feed the planet’s billion hungriest people, and how we can help the oceans heal, while making more food for all. Listen to her TED talk Save the oceans feed the world 

The World Economic Forums Ocean Action initative aims to support steps needed to conserve and sustainably use the ocean, seas and marine resources for sustainable development. Learn from their important actions- WEF Ocean Action  

These insights resonate deeply with themes from the “Water’s Edge” exhibition, which illustrates water’s omnipresence and its crucial role in our lives. Water’s Edge is made by multimedia artist Novisali and is a celebration of the beauty of nature, water and the soothing sound of the sea. 

Essential for Body Function and Health

The significance of water extends deep into the fabric of our biological needs. Comprising about 60% of the adult human body, water is pivotal in regulating temperature, transporting nutrients and oxygen to cells, and protecting our organs and tissues. In her TED Talk, Dr. Sylvia Earle, an oceanographer, emphasizes the necessity of preserving our oceans to maintain the planet’s health, which directly influences our own health. 

This idea is mirrored in the “Water’s Edge” exhibition, where the calming seascapes and serene views of the archipelago remind us of the tranquility and rejuvenating power of water.

A Muse for Artists and Poets

The aesthetic and symbolic qualities of water have long inspired artists, poets, and musicians. The archipelago, a cornerstone of the “Water’s Edge” exhibition, offers a unique interplay of land and sea, revealing nature’s masterpieces.

The photographer Edward Burtynsky has long been on a journey on sharing how manufactured landscapes impacts our society, water and humanity.

See the background to his impressive movie Watermark- An immersive look at water 

And from his recent exhibition on how we disconnected from nature

These visuals echo the seascapes in the exhibition that capture the boundless freedom and profound peace of the archipelago, inviting viewers to reflect on the beauty and vastness of the natural world.

A Gateway to Greater Horizons

“Water’s Edge” is more than just an exhibition; it’s a celebration of the interconnectivity between humans and the natural world. Each piece serves as a window to larger, often intangible concepts of freedom and the infinite, concepts that water embodies perfectly.

Wallace J. Nichols in his TED Talk on “The Cognitive and Emotional Benefits of Water” explains how exposure to water can improve creativity, calm, and connectivity.

The soothing sound of the sea, captured in several displays at the exhibition, resonates with our deepest senses of harmony and contemplation, urging us to consider our place within the greater tapestry of life.

Exploring the Depths: “Water’s Edge” Exhibition by Novisali


“Water’s Edge” is a celebration of nature’s fluid artistry and human reflection, curated and created by the multi-media artist, Novisali, known for her curious and explorative approach to art. This exhibition blends traditional watercolour techniques with cutting-edge digital and AI-generated artworks, accompanied by AI-composed music, creating a multi-sensory experience that invites viewers to immerse themselves in the mesmerizing world of seascapes and archipelagos.

Artistic Inspiration

Novisali’s exhibition is rooted in the profound allure of water—its endless horizons and the intimate details of its interface with land. Water, ever so vital and versatile, has been a canvas to portray freedom, escape, and reflection. The exhibition features various mediums that depict the tranquil and tumultuous moods of the sea, alongside views that stretch towards the boundless expanse of the ocean.

Personal Reflection Guide

Accompanying the visual feast is a thoughtful guide designed to facilitate personal and professional reflections through art. This guide encourages visitors to engage deeply with the artworks, using them as mirrors to explore their thoughts and emotions.


“Water’s Edge” by Novisali is not merely an exhibition; it’s a profound journey that beckons viewers to explore the intricate relationships between art, nature, and personal growth. Through a seamless blend of traditional and digital media, accompanied by the emotive tones of AI-composed music, the exhibition creates a unique space for reflection, inspiration, and a deeper understanding of water’s vital role in our sustainability and health. As you wander through the serene depictions of seascapes and complex archipelagos, either virtually or in person, let the art inspire a year of personal and collective growth. 

“Water’s Edge” promises a transformative experience that extends beyond the gallery, urging us to appreciate, preserve, and celebrate the life-giving essence of water in our lives and societies. Join us to be moved and motivated by the endless dance of water at the edge of the world, and leave with a renewed commitment to safeguard our precious waterways.

About Novisali 

Novisali, (alias Liselotte Engstam), is besides her roles as professional board member and advisor, a multi-media artist, with a curious, explorative mind and an ambition to learn and extend art experiences to current and new audiences using both traditional and new digital mediums. More information and exhibitions can be found via

For additional insights by Novisali, you can find more at websites and blogs by Liselotte Engstam, as she is the Founder and Chair of Digoshen & of Boards Impact Forum, and also has a personal website at